User: Will "Keeper" Clement

Race: human

Age: 24 yo

Size: 6.001 foots

Entry 1

I'm sad. I'm traveling the galaxy with [Unai]. We are looking for the Homeless, the center of the Universe.

Unai should beeing well. It looks like he's growing up he has grown a lot since I took him in after the [Debacle]. I'm proud of him.

End of transmission..

Entry 2

I'm sad. We were supposed to find the Homeless this day. But there's nothing.

I know that the Homeless exists. But [Unai] think I'm crazy.

I need someone to show me my place in all of this.

End of transmission..

Entry 3

I'm so happy. We met the [Hand Hunters] on Ekanra, after finding the [Blue Egg]. They promised us to bring more fund to our quest.

They told us that the answer is on [Ocarnia].

Finally, I'll get the Homeless. I'll change the story, for ever.

I need to be ready for tomorrow.

End of transmission..

Entry 4

What have I done ?

Entry 5

I'm sad.

We survived from all of this.

Tomorrow, I will bring [Unai] to [Ronda].

I will finish what I started. And before that, I need to protect Unai.

I'm gonna be alone, and I'm sad.

I wish it had ended differently...........

Computer, just delete all the entries from the ACT 7 to 9.

End of transmission..

No more entries.